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  • [ ] 1. Forward Movement Toward Improvement Forward movement - toward improvement. The affairs of life tend to change. This essence calls for initiative, leadership, executive action and forces a decision about the past and the present and the future. It introduces new interests, new contacts, new ideas, and new occupations, all leading in a new direction. It is a beginning even along old lines endeavor.
  • [] 19/1: Test of character. Be discriminating between right and wrong. Learning big lessons during a period covering several years. [___.__] Maintain high standards and unselfishness. [___.__] Improve thinking and meet conditions with more under standing. [___.__] Break away from old conditions. Things to avoid: [___.__] Resentments and resistance due to personal desires and ideas. [___.__] Being led into wrong associations through the emotions and a desire for change.


  • [ ] 2. Haste Makes Waste: Pay Attention To The Little Things Partnerships, associations, and the affairs of others bring opportunity. There is much in the way of cooperation and peaceful coexistence with those met in business and domestic affairs. Cooperation is your key to success. Avoid the feeling of subordination, delays only mean more time is needed for growth and worthwhile, lasting accomplishment.
  • [] 11/2: There may be sudden breaks in associations, shocking emotions. There is a need for an awakening to the desires of others in partnerships and domestic affairs. There may be a disruption of old ties or a sudden marriage. This may cause feelings of: [] loss [] misunderstanding [] separations. There is much help through others: [___.__] Social activity [___.__] Trips [___.__] Pleasure [___.__] Popularity [___.__] Having a good disposition during this cycle is helpful [___.__] Take care of the little things [___.__] A willingness to cooperate and share [___.__] Use spiritual thought to gain an inner peace and an awakening of worthwhile importance.


  • [ ] 3. Creative Endeavor And Personal Opportunity For Advancement A time for self-improvement and to advance along the lines of the talents. This period offers personal expression with the help of friends and loved ones and encourages the pursuit of personal interests. These should be constructive in:
  • [] 21/3: Emotional tests and confusion through too much feeling and worry about the affairs of others. Generosity may cause a sacrifice and a hurt through those trusted and love. [___.__] Art [___.__] Music [___.__] Literature [___.__] Religion [___.__] Cultural aspects of living. Whatever Your interests are, use more of Your imagination and optimism to cultivate for a wider and broad contact with the world. This period brings love affairs and emotional experiences which can be lovely and bring You a great deal of happiness. Your ideas expressed in words or speech can advance Your career. Express the spirit of friendship. [___.__] Children bring interest and mutual happiness [___.__] Trips for business and pleasure will widen the horizon. [___.__] Make new friends [___.__] Enjoy old friends. [___.__] Emotions are to be expressed constructively. [___.__] Be generous but businesslike in all undertakings. These will result in gossip and regret. Things to avoid: [___.__] Selfishness and a critical attitude. [___.__] The desire for pleasure, fun, and social activity, apart from useful endeavor, will bring: [___.__] Loss of position


  • [ ] 4. A Period Of Practicality This is a good time for building a home or business, but accompanied by effort, with need of economy and good judgment. Old conditions may be broken down to bring about the practical improvement. If responsibilities are addressed and the work is done, a new order of things and a new way of living will be the result. It is time now to put affairs in order, on all planes of living. Good management is necessary in order to place a better foundation for growth and attainment. You will see facts come to the surface during this period that show the situation as it really is. Conditions may seem slow, but results will be accomplished in the end if the responsibility is taken. It is a period of sensitivity. The following matters call for attention: [] Economic conditions [] Property matters [] In-laws and/or other relatives make demands. [___.__] Health matters call for efforts towards improvement, or a check up. [___.__] Practice good management. [___.__] make the effort to better material conditions. [___.__] Settle by finding agreements, even though an association may be ended [___.__] Gain self-realization even in the midst of confusion [___.__] Give attention to details [___.__] Be willing to share and willing to wait with patience for a better relation ship to be established in order to gain the desired freedom.
  • [] 22/4: [] Spiritual force. [] Two people to be seriously considered Things To Do: [___.__] Live more harmoniously [___.__] Transition from one level of living to another [___.__] Pay up all bills [___.__] Things to avoid: [___.__] Quarrels and disagreements will bring sorrow and loss [___.__] Avoid feeling held down. [___.__] Running away while in discord causing delays [___.__] Feelings of insubordination [___.__] Resentments and dislikes which lead to illnesses


  • [ ] 5. A Period Of Progress A progressive period with changes, often not expected. These changes will be beneficial in the long run. Old conditions will be broken down, but at the same time open the way to a more interesting period of activity. This Essence at all times offers a fine opportunity to move forward, or to get free from old conditions. This Essence demands law and order and attention to rules and regulations. It is a time to move forward. These sudden happenings will clear the way for improvements, even in the midst of what at first may seem to be confusion and uncertainty. Working out the changes represents a stepping stone to a new life. A very active period that brings: [] New contracts [] Worldly interests [] Public activity [] Travel and up-to-date affairs [] Boundaries and limitations will come down. [___.__] Add resourcefulness [___.__] Accept the opportunity to gain more freedom, [___.__] prepare for new experiences and new ideas [___.__] Overcome adversity with agreements, based on rules and regulations and governmental procedures.
  • [] 14/5: [] Trouble with others in business & employment may arise
  • [] 23/5: [] Long journeys. [] Odd line of work Things to avoid: [] Standing still [] Many irons in the fire can scatter the forces and lead to confusion or loss. [] Nervousness and impatience can defeat the purpose of the period and bring legal affairs. [] Quarrels bring little satisfaction, but will delay the progress and freedom this essence represents. [] Personal demands based on impulse, hasty action, or speech.


  • [ ] 7. Understanding The Principles Of Being And Thought This is a period that opens a whole field of intellectual interests, training, and advancement for a better way of living and finer use of your talents. It is time now to look to the more subjective levels of living, to try to understand the principles of Being and thought, to turn aside from objective interests. There are rewards when peace and tranquility are maintained. Marriage can take place when the interests are on the same level of thinking. When there is a long period of 7 Essences it offers a period of study, mental development and scientific work or discovery. This period can bring retirement form social life and place you among those who are doing scientific and educational work of the world. [] Long periods of 7 essences requires periods of study and mental development and scientific work or discovery. Being in association with others who are doing scientific and educational work of the world.
  • []16/7: Changes in the whole structure of life. [] Something to pay or give up [] A feeling of humiliation [] A Karmic test from the past [] After debt is paid a new life will open up This period brings transition and interests never thought of before. [] There may be strange occurrences [] There may be unusual circumstances [] New circumstances may force a new look at what life is all about. [] Psychic experiences may bring awakenings. [] Research and scientific investigation can bring business improvement or a new career. [] Literary and education pursuits bring results. [] There may be loss and separation forcing thoughts and interests in a new direction. [] Marriage may be troubled. [] Marriage may be delayed. [] Health matters should be taken care of. [___.__] Plan for better emotional and mental control. [___.__] Delve into the higher sciences and their principles and laws: [___.__] Study them, put them to use for progress and advancement in business and all associations, [___.__] write about them. Things to avoid: [___.__] Feelings of: Depression, limitation, separation, being alone, are to be put aside through faith and realization.


  • [ ] 8. Organization, Authority, And Recognition You will be placed in the midst of many responsibilities but with the opportunity to advance in the affairs of the community, through executive ability, initiative, and understanding of governmental and civic affairs. Better results are attained through working with groups rather than alone, There is money to be made, but with constant effort and endeavor. The experience that you put out will often equal the gain, not always giving the expected reward for the effort expended. A business or activity can be built up to last a long time if the management is of a high professional or trained nature. Love affairs and marriage are not of a domestic nature, as business activities are always present. Fine marriages can be made and position and recognition be given through marriage.
  • []17/8: Demands attention to business to balance budgeting.
  • []26/8: Paying out for others with little for self in the ay of self-indulgences This period has much to do with: [] Property [] Buying and selling, and exchanges [] Many interests [] Professional standing Business opportunities come through: [] Directing [] Supervising [] Judging and directing in an official manner. Managing affairs: [] Personal business affairs [] family business interests [] Community agricultural projects [] Large governmental projects. There may be trips on account of business, with opportunities for: [] Printing [] Publishing [] Dealing with periodicals [] Commercial advertisement. [] but love is often business like rather than romantic. [___.__] meet all of your delays and frustrations and financial strain with efficiency. [___.__] use good judgment to follow through to the end.


  • [ ] 9. Compassion, Tolerance Unlimited Opportunities In The Areas Of: long periods of 9 essences requires paying attention to health. [] 18/9: Large corporations & a legal struggle Stay in association with those who are doing the work of the world improving its welfare in these areas: [] Art [] Business [] Drama [] Music [] Religion This period has much to do with losses of those who are no longer part of the necessary journey in order to let go of an old condition to clear the way for a more useful life. Turn sorrows & disappointments into energy to create a useful life. [] Learning to give up deep and lasting love to teach the lesson of under standing unconditionally [] Loss of money in order to gain more. [] Emotional Experiences Through Romance & Love Affairs [] Deep feelings Business opportunities and money come through having the right purpose and the good of all concerned: [] The welfare of humankind Managing affairs: [___.__] [] Meet experiences with a good attitude Things to avoid: [___.__] Love affairs for personal vanity [___.__] Clinging love affairs [___.__] Continuous feelings of disappointment [___.__] Dishonesty. This could lead to legal matters and lawsuits [___.__] Others who may take what is not rightfully theirs. [___.__] Quarrels, may lead to drawn out lawsuits.


  • [A] Opportunities: [] Decisions [] Contracts [] Trips [] Moves 4New opportunities & changes in living conditions often without previous preparation.4Success & advancement through taking action & moving forward with intuitive & determination. Pay close attention to your Essence: [__/__] Pinnacle: [__/__] [___.__] Take the step; use good judgment.
  • [B] Opportunities: [] Professional advancement [] Artistic accomplishment [] Scientific accomplishment [] Opportunities coming through others [] Love affairs [] Home life improvements 4There are many details to attend to accomplish your desires. Time is needed to get satisfactory results. A change of location of a temporary nature may be necessary in order to gain advancement. 4Your talents are awakened & quickened & opportunities are present because of a better use of your emotional faculties. Separations & discord & hurts may result if there is little cooperation & a desire to please. [___.__] do not force issues; [___.__] try for something to do of a constructive nature. [___.__] avoid living in the emotions & being too sensitive. [___.__] make your living conditions attractive, comfortable, [___.__] cooperate to bring about more happiness. [___.__] Take care of your health, this is a high-strung period.
  • [C] Opportunities: [] Optimistic period [] Marital differences [] Unwise love affairs [] A desire to branch out [] A desire to improve personal affairs [] A desire to improve financial matters 4This period gives you self-confidence, self-will, & determination to follow personal interests regardless of other’s opinions. 4You desire to do something different & on a broader scale, changing your old living conditions, sometimes breaking up old activities. 4Success comes through more creative activity, added inspiration & imagination. Activities, interests, & studies which improve your personal talents, your personality, and business affairs are to be undertaken. 4Your impulse & desire to change the present set-up may lead to marital differences, but may be adjusted when the desire is not for yourself alone. 4Being extravagant, or not counting the cost may lead to regrets. Becoming involved in love affairs, careless & high life can lead to loss of position, character, & money.
  • [D] Opportunities: [] Property affairs [] Financial affairs [] Trips [] A time to build [] Family needs and interests [] Pleasure, pleasant family life [] Pleasant friendships [] A new attitude towards life. 4A practical period. Responsibilities hold one to the undertakings. Steady application to get concrete results is necessary & must be worked out. Many things may come to the surface for you to face & acknowledge. These things can bring problems, surprises, & facts that you have been overlooking or neglecting for some time. This is the time to place a firm foundation for the future. 4You will gain little if you choose to escape this situation. It will only lead to disagreements, quarrels, & many family problems. Restlessness & lack of application will bring loss, regret, or illness. [___.__] Make the practical changes that are necessary or that you have dreamed of. [___.__] Make sure all papers, contracts, & agreements are understood & properly signed & taken care of.
  • [E] Opportunities: [] Constantly changing conditions [] Repeated opportunity [] Exciting circumstances [] Opening of new lines of endeavor [] Public activity Problems of the unexpected are apt to happen. Many of your experiences & problems are due to haste & impulse. Marriage is uncertain when freedom is taken carelessly. Sudden marriages or separations may bring legal matters.4Do not disregard the affairs of the government & law which may enter into your experiences.4It is time to move forward to renew & renovate your activities at home or in your business. Public contact will bring fun, travel, interests, & help to promote your business. Money will be present when needed, if your efforts are for the good of the people. 4A strong desire for freedom may bring breaks in association. Do not consider your freedom a chance to break rules or regulations. Worldly living & breaking of conventions will not give security. [___.__] Accept changes & keep up-to-date. [___.__] Do not quarrel with business associates, neighbors, or loved ones. This could lead to separations, quarrels, or legal troubles. [___.__] Resourcefulness will overcome many of your difficulties.
  • [F] Opportunities: [] Domestic responsibility [] Home [] Financial gains [] Family [] Separations [] Children [] Adoptions [] Service to the community [] Association with big firms [] Produce [] Farms [] Artistic services [] Industry carried out on a broad scale 4 Practical & physical care of your home & family, this may bring some degree of restrictions. The right method, the right emotional attitude towards others must be gained. In this way financial affairs are built up and your character developed. 4 Loved ones bring peculiar circumstances. The good of the children is important & a clue to happier relationships. 4Through interest & service to the community, financial gain will be made with social standing. 4Serve willingly. Have more faith in yourself & what you are doing. Appreciate the tasks you are carrying out. Your health will be improved through less worry about little things. 4Loss may be taken if there is too much emotion expressed of a selfish nature. [___.__] Do not take on too much duty. [___.__] Take your duties as a privilege, not as a burden, then your position & success of the undertakings will be promoted. [___.__] Keep an interest in charity. [___.__] Support welfare endeavors.
  • [G] Opportunities: [] Big contracts [] Wealth [] Large firms [] Fine home [] Good friends [] Illness of loved one [] Unusual friendships & love affairs [] Money through enterprise dealing w/:many people over a wide area of activity. 4 Influential period. Not necessarily a humanitarian period, but for the betterment of the standards of living & to maintain the industry of the community. Progress may start out slow, then suddenly bring changes in home & living conditions or travel. There is love & pleasure in the home although an illness may bring some anxiety. 4There is need for wise & careful enterprise. Study all propositions carefully & do not overestimate your personal ability or the validity of the proposition, to avoid slight disappointment later on in this period. The advancement will give position & authority but should not be taken with too much self-assurance. It is necessary to measure up to the undertaking. 4A slight limitation runs through this period with opposition through others, not originally expected. For this reason make sure, year by year, to avoid any unexpected turn that might disrupt your plans & bring confusion & turmoil. 4Unusual friendships & love affairs are connected with emotional interests. There is social activity, but a natural selection in friendships in the midst of public & broad acquaintance.
  • [H] Opportunities: [] Directing [] Supervising [] Organizing [] Writing [] Public speaking [] Travel [] Research [] Exchange [] Printing [] Publishing [] Buying & selling [] Politics [] Sports [] Games [] Hotels [] Advancement in business [] Advancement in financial affairs in: the world of trade & enterprise [] Public recognition & prestige 4 A busy, active period. An effort towards improvement is the personal opportunity & requirement throughout this period. Results may not be attained as quickly as desired at the beginning of this period. There is money to be made, but expenses are high due to the need for examination & growth.4Many problems will come up, making it difficult to maintain & hold your position & to retain personal possessions, adding physical & mental strain. 4 There will be demands of the family or caring of a loved one willingly taken or suggested. 4Civic & community activities afford an outlet for your executive abilities & talents. This will put you in touch with personal credit & contact with people of importance. Your natural ability to judge human nature should be cultivated to avoid mistakes in business dealings or in evaluating individuals. [___.__] repeated effort [___.__] good judgment [___.__] efficient methods gain the reward & freedom desired. [___.__] Place all enterprise, personal or large concerns on a secure basis. [___.__] Give constant attention to the undertakings with an eye on the futture.
  • [I] Opportunities: [] Wealth [] Financial protection [] Getting out in the country. 4 The ability to understand the needs of the people opens the way to success & money. 4 Failure through mistakes or over-optimism can be changed to fortune & wealth when your creative talents are cultivated & your intuition is awakened. 4 Feelings, emotions, & impressions are very strong & must be controlled. Moods & depth of feeling can lead to loss of opportunity & scattered forces or to unreliable traits of character. Do not let sensitivity & impressionability control the attitude, words, & feelings. strong desire to improve the home & environment give opportunity for imaginative talents. 4 A dominant character in the environment or business activity may cause unhappiness & lead to sorrow, & separation. Many troubles are brought about by others, often exaggerated in importance by sensitivities. Jealousy & resentment result when the individual responds to others & the environment with uncontrolled emotion. [___.__] Think & act with love, tolerance, & compassion. Make use of your talent from the practical to the heights of [___.__] music, [___.__] composition, [___.__] drama.
  • [J] Opportunities: [] Trip [] Promotion [] New location 4 Affairs will take a new direction based on your desires, your will, and your determination to open the way.
  • [K] Opportunities: [] Strange friendships [] Strange experiences [] Strange love affairs [] Being caught off guard 4 There may be a long trip or a change of residence. 4 Be watchful of your emotional feelings and nervousness, and headstrong attitude. This could make you more vulnerable to being mislead by another or cheated on due to their lack of truth or honesty. 4 Opportunity for general improvement in life if actions are wisely directed. 4 Illness could occur, but recovery is imminent.
  • [L] Opportunities: [] Self-Improvement [] Individual progress [] Emotional expression along the lines of the talent. Efforts should be made to perfect the talents and to resist the opportunity to live in ease & pleasure, depending too much on others to make life easy & pleasant. This is a period where love & friend-ship, opportunity to build the popularity gained through the charm & loveliness of the character is in effect. A slight sacrifice through loved ones. But love and appreciation give much to be thankful for. Trips & journeys open channels for romance & business. The emotions are apt to direct the activities for advancement & sometimes for sorrow.
  • [M] Opportunities: [] Problems with property matters [] Opposition by others [] Rewards from accomplishments [] Accumulation of money [] General improvement [] Interesting yet unusual experiences with young chil dren. [] Attention to matters of the health 4 Do not get involved in quarrels. [___.__] Give serious thought to your future by taking responsibility to implement good management skills of your current affairs [___.__] focus on building (business, home, family matters) [___.__] being business like concerning all legal documents. [___.__] Have strength of mind & a quiet determination. [___.__] Understand your in-laws and provide support for them. [___.__] Have a physical check-up to prevent any potential chronic conditions from taking place.
  • [N] Opportunities: [] Money gained [] Financial interests á [] Enterprise [] New mental interests 4 A very progressive period. 4 A good time to gain position out in the world along with lines of your talents. 4 Home conditions must be considered. This may be unsettled with some unhappiness under the surface. This is a time for husband and wife to grow together and to take a real interest in each other’s work or career. [___.__] maintaining a routine leads to success during this vibration
  • [O] Opportunities: [] Establishing a business [] Garden [] Financial improvement [] Estate [] Investments [] Community [] Banking [] Religious assoc. [] Duties of the home [] Artistic assocciations 4 Affairs connected with financial improvement & gains if you are willing to accept these responsibilities: banking, trust funds, inheritances, legal activities, & old established business; medicine, teaching, music, artistic professions, & professional sciences. 4 Many duties regarding your home, family, children, friends, and community service. 4 There is little gain through disagreement & discord. Disharmony, loud & unlovely environment can cause illness & much unhappiness in the affairs of love & marriage, resulting in doctor bills, health problems, & much expense. Do not dominate. 4 Not a good time to lend or borrow money unless security is established. Good time for investments, but do not speculate. [___.__] Harmony, beauty, quiet association are needed for wise judgment. [___.__] love must be expressed. [___.__] True desire to help others brings a finer reward.
  • [P] Opportunities: [] Scientific [] Metaphysical Study [] Educational [] Spiritual development [] Specialized work [] Investigation [] Travel for gaining knowledge [] Study & observation [] Teaching [] Read [] Writing a book [] Close tie with female relative 4 This is a time for improvement upon knowledge and skills, not so financial rewards. From this your ideas or a skill will be developed to give you much financial returns later in life. 4 Avoid being involved in too many changes, restless behavior, wasting energy, moodiness, fear of others or of fear of direction and lack of inertia. This will all lead to lack of accomplishment. 4Not a favorable time for partnerships or marriage. You will not feel loving, romantic, or generous during this phase. [___.__] this 7 year period requires patience and perseverance in order to maintain authority with a skill [___.__] develop a talent, and have the knowledge for future benefit. [___.__] have the courage to follow your deeper mental interest. [___.__] faith will help to overcome all problems. [___.__] take care of health through proper rest, being alone, eating right foods.
  • [Q] Opportunities: [] New work [] Travel [] Unusual interests [] Speaking [] Association with youth [] Diplomatic Undertakings 4 New ways of thinking may lead to strange ways of expression or of temperament. This could bring misunderstand and conflicts in family or in business relationships. 4 Personal benefits & advancements come from associations with: [___.__] youth [___.__] education [___.__] training [___.__] literature [___.__] combine good reason with emotion [___.__] carefully investigate and understand the new interest or way of thinking in order to turn it into success.
  • [R] Opportunities: [] Emotional tests [] Great responsibilities [] Unlimited opportunities [] Demands high principles [] Marriage & love affairs [] “World’s Work” 4 Demand for character & high principles regarding personal accomplishment when your heart is warm for humanity. In a period about the lesson of life. All life is one & all people are included in the divine order. Will be rewarded with the best that life has to offer: love, attainment, & the financial means to accomplish broad & universal undertakings. Do not be intolerant, selfish or prejudiced, it will cause you disappointments, losses, & separations. 4Marriage /love affairs on a high level, being true when the purpose of the period is lived up to. 4 Negative habits may break up home & separate you from your mate. Egotism & strong desire for popularity, without good works, end in loss/regret. Problems may arise in partnerships/associations. Dishonesty of others may bring legal matters to be adjusted; or they may be long drawn out. Disappointments if you sacrifice your principles. 4 Success and attainment in promoting civilization through: [___.__] Art, literature, foods, [___.__] methods for right living, creative endeavors. [___.__] Must earn this & maintain it by personal effort. [___.__] Develop a spirit for brother/sisterhood, it gives the opportunity for philanthropic undertakings based on tolerance & compassion for all peoples & all races. [___.__] Honesty brings assistance necessary to win.
  • [S] Opportunities: [] Sudden happenings [] Creativity [] New ideas [] New way to get ahead. 4 You will probably have a sudden impulse along creative lines. It will be the opportunity to do what you have been desiring for some time. 4 A general improvement will result once the adjustment has been made to the unexpected emergencies. 4 Sudden happenings may cause loss or great changes in family relationships. 4 You may be lonely for a time, or lack a social life. 4 Sudden unordinary love affairs, sudden happenings in many ways, will be interesting, thrilling, startling, or disrupting. You may find yourself to be more emotional during this transit. Feelings may enter into the way you approach your circumstances which might cloud your clear thinking.
  • [T] Opportunities: [] Business [] Money [] Partnerships [] Marriage [] Love affairs [] Lessons learned about self and others 4A progression in business with partnerships and groups bringing mutual advantages. 4Nervousness could lead to mistakes and delays, Having self-control will prove to be a blessing. Avoiding emotional intensity can help to take care of your health and nervous system. 4 Love affairs will meet with opposition. Love affairs could bring marriage or if truth is not there it could lead to separation. 4 [___.__] it is important to think things out calmly during this phase. [___.__] think of the best way for all concerned. [___.__] As a precaution look into the backgrounds of those you will chose to partnership with in: business, or in marriage.
  • [U] Opportunities: [] career [] [] intellectual activities [] [] artistic endeavors [] 4 Opportunities will present themselves so that you are able to give more personal expression. 4 Combine your business & financial activities. 4 hidden emotional interests. 4 Uncoventional love affairs, 4 If love and business is combined could result in marriage. [___.__] lack of directed effort [___.__] too muich emotional feelings
  • [V] Opportunities: [] Self-Analysis [] Financial Affairs [] Building up of old lines of business [] Practical work [] Long standing debts to pay out [] Money owed to you may be paid back [] Spiritual & Philosophical interests 4 Apply serious thought about your current conditions. Do not allow mental confusion to take your possessions away. 4 Avoid loss and regrets from extravagances through travel, a desire for luxury. These will help to strengthen and bring success in your current business. [___.__] Face your affairs with controlled emotions. [___.__] Stay on top of your business affairs. [___.__] Be responsible [___.__] bring out your talents for management [___.__] Express your attributes in the best manner in order to bring rewards, gifts, love, and admiration from others.
  • [W] Opportunities: [] Travel or transportation opportunities. [] Real Estate also gives opportunities. [] Avoid nervousness. [] Take good care of health. [] Avoid resentment of others. Life must move forward. Sudden happenings bring surprises, even the feeling of shock, but are necessary for your growth to break up old conditions. This is to quicken your efforts, to prevent slowing down or becoming fixed in ideas & ways of living. Depression or self-pity gains very little. After many ups & downs a way to cross over opens up. [___.__] Take care of legal activities with good counsel. [___.__] Get a grip on things & seize the opportunity the “Break-up” brought about.
  • [X] Opportunities: [] Mother & Son [] Sacrifice for others [] Father & Daughter [] Service for humanity [] Breaking ties [] Right to freedom [] Love of humanity [] Business for everyday needs 4 During this phase family ties and interests of the family are strong. Children may leave home and break the ties. This may cause family problems. Members of the family are seeking their freedom. Holding on to them as possessions may bring regret. 4 There is loyalty between children and family. 4 Business ideas & opportunities that have to do with providing service to the public through goods and materials for everyday needs will prosper. i,e. schools, education, music, entertainment, radio, television, commercial art, hospitals, welfare institutions. 4 Not a good vibration for personal desires. Personal rewards are received when life is lived on a higher concious level of love & usefulness touched with spiritual purpose for the service of humanity. This brings money. Avoid chaos, arguments, discords of all kinds. [___.__] Be honest. [___.__] Assistance is given when it is needed.
  • [Y] Opportunities: [] Spiritual unfoldment. [] Interesting associations. [] Future opportunity. [] Many irons in the fire. A period of spiritual unfoldment that is gained through knowledge, mental pursuits, and interests. There is a desire to know more of your purpose and the laws of being. You seem to outgrow old associations & activities. There is a desire to study & to live on a higher & more intellectual level. This may bring problems in your marriage relationship & misunderstandings. It may also give a feeling of being bored with crowds & the “fun” life. You may desire to be more alone, to study & to read. Health matters may bring travel or unusual methods of healing. There will be psychic experiences. Place these experiences on a mental plane. Do not get emotionally upset. In business affairs final success is often gained through former efforts & activities having to do with intellectual interests of the public. Happiness will come when all understanding of the “Y” is achieved.
  • [Z] Opportunities: []Foreign associations []Travel []Languages The ability to discover hidden purposes in business & on the level of intellectual thinking brings opportunity & personal satisfaction. An interest in mysteries from a spiritual, psychic & occult level of action & human behavior, also in the actions of those on the unlawful levels of living. The environment may be different or the wrong environment may be experienced through marriage or association not fully understood or thought out, leading to repression & opposition. An unusual marriage may be made due to a mutual interest, different from established methods of thought & feeling. A chance to rise to recognition & authority runs through this period. An ability to bring others together for different ways of thinking & believing that may be touched with the occult or philosophical. Travel may be a source of business success of discovery or research which helps strengthen the position & finances. The knowledge that you have, not possessed by others, will open many doors. [___.__] You must have cool reasoning [___.__] Maintain emotional discipline.