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  • [] Inner Child: Emotions, talents, friendship
  • [] Life Purpose: Develop skills for “Building”
  • [] Destiny: Area of opportunities & skills
  • [] Heart: True motivation

[]8: Abundance/Power: (SUN) 17,26,35,44,53,62,71,80,98

MANAGER: Authoritative, Power, Independence, Organization, Religious,Fortune,Wise.
Shadow: Greedy, power-hungry, intense, scheming, materialistic, ruthless, vain, oppressive, dictator, cruelty, unscrupulous, bullying abuse, revenge, injustice.

Humor releases tension. Lighten up and avoid sarcasm. 

  • [] Fruits: dates,
  • [] Vegetables: spinach, celery, turnip
  • [] Herbs: savory, angelica, solomons seal
  • [] Limit: animal flesh (meat), intense feelings of loneliness
  • [] Sensitive to: blood diseases, liver, rheumatism, bones, headaches
  • [] Associated with: skeletal system, skin, teeth, gallbladder, spleen, liver, bile, intestines
  • [] Essential Oil: ginger, hyssop, lemon, peppermint

The executive type natural talents for organizing, coaching & supervising. Capable of taking charge. Must be in a world of commercial activity, business affairs, power, & achievement. Cultivate a large outlook & refuse limitations. Develop efficiency & management skills. Must learn how to deal with the uninspirational, practical & material things of life & eschew dreams, visions & impracticalities. Study to understand the laws that govern money - it’s accumulation, its power & its use. Opportunities are among people & conditions of wealth & those in need of efficiency & executive ability.

Sports Activities:

  • [_] triathalons
  • [_] skiing
  • [_] tennis
  • [_] scuba diving


Fields in: Industries, medicine, sports & government

  • [_] architect
  • [_] banker
  • [_] broker
  • [_] careers in high finances
  • [_] career in power & responsibility
  • [_] careers in public policy
  • [_] carpenter
  • [_] chemist
  • [_] civil government
  • [_] correctional officer
  • [_] crime investigator
  • [_] developer
  • [_] druggist
  • [_] dynamite expert
  • [_] engineer
  • [_] entrepreneur
  • [_] exterminator
  • [_] financier
  • [_] firearms expert
  • [_] games or sports
  • [_] judge
  • [_] lawyer
  • [_] manufacturer
  • [_] organizer
  • [_] philanthropist
  • [_] physician
  • [_] pilot
  • [_] politician
  • [_] professor
  • [_] publisher
  • [_] security officer
  • [_] supervisor
  • [_] undertaker

Job search by title from A - Z

Occupation Groups:      

MASTER: 44/8

Master Material And Spiritual Power:

Self Control Through understanding of financial values making the best spiritual use of material abundance by having a direct link to higher wisdom. Attains wholeness by controlled energy through discipline, wisdom, & devotion. Use of Divine creative energy for the highest creative ideal of Godliness. Business, military career

[___.__] Make the best spiritual use of material abundance.


[] 8: Channel energies in order to alter any given situation to become the leader. Loves to create, very down to earth, courageous, multi-talented in areas of material achievement. Do not work for material gain alone. Share good fortune with others. Through self-discipline, effort, will, and strength distinction will be achieved.

[] 17: A strong pursuit of knowledge. Loves to research and play detective, always investigating. There will be a need for moments of quiet and introspection as ideas are processed.  Face difficulties courageously, be determined to overcome any obstacle. Travel helps to develop compassion for others. Spiritual love will help to maintain health.

[] 26: Even as a child, a very active individual, enthusiastic, courageous, and has a desire for power. As a youth very impulsive. Develop self-control, patience, and endurance. A gifted speaker. Involved in relationships with others that will either be supportive or destructive, depending on one's actions. Will learn about the world through experience. Stressful situations will develop self-confidence. Will learn that positive action brings prosperity and fulfillment.