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  • [] Inner Child: Emotions, talents, friendship
  • [] Life Purpose: Develop skills for “Building”
  • [] Destiny: Area of opportunities & skills
  • [] Heart: True motivation

[]3: Expression/Sensitivity: (VENUS) 12,21,30,48,57,66,75,84,93

VISIONARY: creative, confident, friendly, popular, joy, self-expression, passionate.
Shadow: scattered, bored, vain, dictator, fickle, jealousy, hypocrisy, wastefulness, intolerance, promiscuous.

  • [] Fruits: apple, grape, cherry, peach, pomegranate
  • [] Vegetables: beet, sprouts, asparagus, parsnips, olive
  • [] Herbs: garlic, asafetida, fenugreek, ginger, mint
  • [] Limit: fats, hot spicy foods, overstrained nerves
  • [] Sensitive to: strained nerves, skin problems, sciatica, kidneys
  • [] Associated with: the liver, the nervous system, disposition of fats
  • [] Essential Oil: cardamon, cumin, basil, ginger, lemon, marjoram, nutmeg, peppermint, vanilla,

Creative type, with good imagination and the power of inspiration. Has a gift for words. Here to make self invaluable through the ability to shed the light on dark places. Learn to express the self through art & beauty, friends & happiness. Mastering the use of WORDS in: speaking, acting, singing, or writing. Give self freely through joyful activity. Practice relaxation skills: Breathing, writing in journal. Be involved with people. Office work is too confining.


Seek the type of work that gives one high visibility & the chance to express artistically.

  • [_] artisan
  • [_] artist
  • [_] athletic coach
  • [_] children’s writer
  • [_] copywriter
  • [_] cosmetician
  • [_] dietician
  • [_] director
  • [_] engineer
  • [_] entertainer
  • [_] judge
  • [_] lawyer
  • [_] magician
  • [_] musician
  • [_] nurse
  • [_] pastor
  • [_] performer
  • [_] philosopher
  • [_] photographer
  • [_] physician
  • [_] playground director
  • [_] priest
  • [_] racer
  • [_] salesperson of cosmetics or art supplies
  • [_] scout
  • [_] screenwriter
  • [_] travel agent
  • [_] vocational school teacher
  • [_] writer

Job search by title from A - Z

Occupation Groups:      

MASTER: 66/3

  • Master Cosmic Love:
  • Teaching, Sharing Wisdom The philosopher who has gained personal transformation through suffering or sacrifices & has learned that compassionate love must be expressed while living in this dimension. Development comes from working with opposite energies: passion/compassion, pleasure/pain, joy/sorrow. Through these emotional experiences the soul is strengthened & opened to instruction and obedience without bitterness.
  • [___.__] Personal transformation through suffering, sacrifices.

[] 3: Very expressive. May enjoy the performing arts and performing on stage. Will be admired. Make time to travel for exposure to many experiences and new opportunities. Master at least one of many talents. 

[] 12: Has a good memory and positive attitude towards life, very patient. May enjoy creative expression through the literary art of writing. Traveling may satisfy the need for freedom. Guard against fearing change, stubborness, greed, or selfishness.

[] 30:  Very charming and agreeable. Has a mind that will be orderly and systematic. Any fields having to do with conventional living and the love of systems may be of interest. The theatre, plays, writing, music, children and animals will also be of interest. Idealistic and attracted by higher consciousness and prophecy.